How do you decide what to focus on to improve your sales?

Where should you focus? Where should you put your energy and effort? How do you know that this is what you should do? It all starts with the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is off, then the solutions, the prescriptions won’t work. Yet we often skip diagnosis to get to solutions because we want results fast.Continue reading “How do you decide what to focus on to improve your sales?”

hold on tightly to your dreams – they are your dreams for a reason

When I first read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the world was infinitely quieter. There was no social media and not everyone had access to or could bear staying “on” line long because of the speed. Still the percentages stay roughly the same between those who succeed on their terms and those who don’t.Continue reading “hold on tightly to your dreams – they are your dreams for a reason”

where are you selling yourself short?

You may have been brushing over this question for a long time. Even if you haven’t put it into words to form the question, you have had a feeling…a knowing…that all is not right in your world. On the outside, you look OK and feel OK but you know that you are not OK. YouContinue reading “where are you selling yourself short?”

How do you choose a teacher or coach?

Most of us who train never believed it possible to do the things we now do. But we trusted the teacher who told us we could do it if we would just try. And the teacher was right. jennifer lawler In July of 2011 Seth Godin wrote a piece called the arrogance of willful ignorance.Continue reading “How do you choose a teacher or coach?”

Is Selling Really Difficult or is that an Excuse?

A business is not a business until a sale is made. And a sale is not a sale until the cheque clears in the bank. The road to making these sales and cashing these cheques always appears to be paved with nails and thorns. Show me happy sales people and sales managers who aren’t lamentingContinue reading “Is Selling Really Difficult or is that an Excuse?”

Keep the grass closest to you – Green

Have you ever noticed that many times the grass immediately surrounding a sprinkler head is brown? Laurie Beth Jones calls this the Sprinkler Phenomenon of Management. So much energy and drive is going to the outer reaches of the yard that the grass closes to the source of the water is left dry. We oftenContinue reading “Keep the grass closest to you – Green”