What if All That’s Missing Between You and Your Success is Effort?

Reading Dan Waldschmidt’s Edgy Conversations and I really had to address just how much effort I was putting into those things that I SAY I want. We’re the talking species. The “let me explain why…” species. The REASONING species. Yet could it just be that we have also become the LAZY species? With “ACME” instantContinue reading “What if All That’s Missing Between You and Your Success is Effort?”

Progress Calls For An Open Mind

“If your mind is closed you become stagnant and any talents that you have will decline. By having a closed mind you will put yourself in a mental prison.” This was one of many nuggets that I discovered in Napoleon Hill’s ‘A Year of Growing Rich.’  As I mulled over this quote, I started thinkingContinue reading “Progress Calls For An Open Mind”

My Higher Self REFUSED to be Fooled Today

I don’t like tricks being played on me so I tend to lie low for April Fools. My friend Sally Ann did catch me though with a Facebook post that she’d been up all night because one of her dogs made young ‘uns. I was ecstatic thinking to myself that since I no longer hadContinue reading “My Higher Self REFUSED to be Fooled Today”

Effficiency versus impact

During this morning’s quiet time, I was reviewing my business marketing efforts and contemplating whether I in fact was clear about my vision and what I wanted to be ‘known’ for. My mind drifted (as minds are fond of doing 🙂 ) and I got to thinking about solo practitioners, and our quest for efficiency.Continue reading “Effficiency versus impact”