Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up

I can always tell when someone is passionate about an idea, a project…whatever they’re talking about. Their eyes light up. Their posture changes ever so slightly as if to straighten themselves out to deliver their truth. There is a beautiful story writing process that I use to help my clients rediscover what they are trulyContinue reading “Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up”

Results or Reasons – Which do you have more of?

Every day I read something that would make me stretch – want to be a better me. This morning this paragraph stood out for me from John Mason’s book *You were Born an Original (Don’t Die a Copy)* If you are NOT getting the results you want, the REASONS are the lies you keep tellingContinue reading “Results or Reasons – Which do you have more of?”

The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story

We LOVE a good story. Storytelling gets our attention. We are programmed if we only get the beginning and the middle to desperately want to know the end. That’s why soap operas and popular television series leave us after each episode with an incomplete storyline that will force us to tune in next time andContinue reading “The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story”