Sprinkles Are For Winners

I love this advertisement. Every time I see it I always laugh BUT it also serves as a gentle reminder that I should not just settle for good if I could do better! The vast majority of us today rarely achieve better than mediocrity.  We would all love to be wildly successful yet 80% ofContinue reading “Sprinkles Are For Winners”

Before You Are an Occupation You Are a First a Person

Contemporary Christian vocalist, songwriter and guitarist from San Diego, California, Phil Wickham recently lost his voice. He was supposed to lead worship at an event called Catalyst – a conference for leaders about 3,500 strong in Southern California but because of his “no voice” situation he wasn’t able to make it. The organizers still wantedContinue reading “Before You Are an Occupation You Are a First a Person”

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

I recently came across this online commentary by Richard Buckingham: “An industry leader called and asked me to develop a customer relationship management (CRM) programme. They sensed they were leaving money on the table. Their instincts were right. In researching their top five clients, we found something very interesting. While their firm did $30 millionContinue reading “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?”