Your best thinking 5 years ago is your baggage today

We’ve always done it this way. That’s your death sentence right there. Sure you might be making money, you might even be profitable, but chances are you are no longer enthusiastic about what you’re doing and operating with head and no heart. You could be stuck in a miserable dead end job sitting in aContinue reading “Your best thinking 5 years ago is your baggage today”

A Number you NEED to Know

How many people can make a major decision that will ruin your life? This was a question posed in an article by entrepreneur and bestselling author James Altucher. James explained further what he meant. I don’t like it when one person can make or break me. A boss. A publisher. A TV producer. A buyerContinue reading “A Number you NEED to Know”

A Useful Tip if You’re Ever Stuck

Ever been stuck – trying to solve a problem? not sure what to write? uncertain of the path you should take? Do you feel as if you’re PUSHING yourself trying to find an answer? You need to stop and reframe the situation. Instead of thinking of yourself as the motor driving the process – think of yourselfContinue reading “A Useful Tip if You’re Ever Stuck”

How to get what you say you want

According to Wikipedia ‘a pet fence or fence-less boundary is a wire around the perimeter of a home, designed to keep a pet within the boundaries of the property without the use of a physical barrier. The wire (which may be buried) carries a radio signal, while the pet wears a lightweight receiver collar whichContinue reading “How to get what you say you want”