As a business owner do you need support to grow when things fall apart?

We see that one person in the forefront – the owner, the developer, the creator and we think – they’ve created success by themselves…but if we look closely: no one makes it on their own. You NEED like-minded people who will keep you from feeling alone and isolated. You NEED people to help you growContinue reading “As a business owner do you need support to grow when things fall apart?”

The 5 “Must Haves” in Designing Your Own Success Strategy

In a previous post, I mentioned five pillars that must be in place if you want to transform your life and achieve consistent results. I’ve talked before about willpower. So many of us think that in order to make changes and get the results we want in our lives we must utilize sheer willpower and discipline!Continue reading “The 5 “Must Haves” in Designing Your Own Success Strategy”

A Face to Face Visit With Confidence

Many years ago, I visited my optometrist to have my glasses adjusted. The woman who usually helped me was attending to another customer. Reluctantly I shared my reason for being there with an obviously new employee. The way she took my spectacles from me, made me uneasy but I chalked that up to me notContinue reading “A Face to Face Visit With Confidence”

Spending Time With Friends

It’s great to spend time with friends. Had a couple people over today and it was fabulous. Connecting with others is so important but sometime we forget. We get caught up in our world, in the  “what needs to be done”… Friends support.. Friend help out. Friends guide. Friends remain after everyone walks away. FriendsContinue reading “Spending Time With Friends”

Are You Too Impatient to Build a Great Business?

Every week I wrestle with what to write. What should I share? Sometimes an idea might pop into my head and then I think “is it enough to write more than 900 words about this?” At times I am certain about what I want to say – most times I’m not. In the end IContinue reading “Are You Too Impatient to Build a Great Business?”

Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?

We’ve heard the acronym before that T-E-A-M means “Together Everyone Achieves More.” The most important word there would be TOGETHER. Team is a word that gets tagged onto other words like work and mate to communicate togetherness, the spirit of the team is described as if describing the spirit of the whole – yet howContinue reading “Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?”

A fishy lesson in growth

The growth of tropical fish is limited to the size of the aquarium Just like these fish, so are we affected by our environment. Are your current circumstances helping you grow? Do you find you are struggling to reach your potential? If your current circumstances don’t support you then you need to create an environmentContinue reading “A fishy lesson in growth”

Change is difficult – step or otherwise

There’s something to be said about persistence. There’s something to be said about having a good support system in place particularly when you embark on an unfamiliar journey. Kinda reminds me of the song “How Do You Keep The Music Playing” made popular by James Ingram and Patti Austin in the ’80s. “How do youContinue reading “Change is difficult – step or otherwise”