Learning to Surf Life

I’m afraid of turbulence in water. I grew up with my grandmother saying “the sea has no back door.” I believed her. Curiously I don’t like turbulence – PERIOD. Lately in life it seems that I am encountering turbulence but it’s unfamiliar. I have grown comfortable with the turbulence of not having regular work, notContinue reading “Learning to Surf Life”

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

Ever heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Go read Revelation 6. According to Emmet Fox, New Thought Spiritual Leader, the Four Horsemen stand for the four parts or elements of human nature. The Pale Horse is the physical body, the Red Horse is emotional nature, the Black Horse is intellect and the WhiteContinue reading “Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life”

How can you tell when you’ve had ‘enough’?

How do you know when you’ve had enough? The feeling of ‘enough’ is usually tied into and associated with something negative or scarce. We want that other slice of cake but we know deep down that we’ve had enough. We are trying for the umpteenth time in our relationship but we know that we canContinue reading “How can you tell when you’ve had ‘enough’?”

Surrender or Remain Stuck. Surrender and Win!

I recently saw a clip on CNN showing a room full of people discussing their life situations. I am not sure why I stayed with the story but was horrified at the end. It was about life and work in Silicon Valley. Once teeming with opportunity, men and women who thought they had it madeContinue reading “Surrender or Remain Stuck. Surrender and Win!”