Quit Wishing for “the Good Ole Days”. They’re Gone!

I know this is a little harsh for some. But I want to jolt us from our business sleep and awaken to what’s at stake. Many business owners are going through the motions, hoping deep down inside, that things would go back to the times when they could: Go home at a decent hour EmployContinue reading “Quit Wishing for “the Good Ole Days”. They’re Gone!”

OMG – I am a hoarder!

Every couple of years we get a new ‘something’ to be concerned about. Hoarding seems to be the ‘thing-du-jour’ these days. First there was just people hoarding stuff. Now I see there’s a show on people hoarding animals: dogs, chickens and cats. I have been very critical of these hoarders. I comment at the TVContinue reading “OMG – I am a hoarder!”