When exactly will you feel successful?

I, like many others, have been watching the Olympic games and with that, the advertisements that support me being able to view the games from the comfort of my home. There are advertisements for new cars, investment propositions and guidance on how to transact business online with ease. This got me thinking about goals. ThereContinue reading “When exactly will you feel successful?”

Do You Resist Structure?

I have resisted structure all my life. I didn’t necessarily articulate as such but I now realize this is what I was doing. Structure felt too caged – boxed in…after all – I am a creative spirit! I need free flowing, idea exchanging, vast expanses of time exploring for me to do my best work.Continue reading “Do You Resist Structure?”

Get off the Fence if you want your Business to Grow!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were just told what you should do to grow your business, make more profit, and get out of the red into the blackness of wealth? But it’s never that easy, although we spend an inordinate amount of energy in search of the guru who would save us time andContinue reading “Get off the Fence if you want your Business to Grow!”