The Travesty: To KNOW and not to DO

We feel good when we have knowledge under our belt. We believe in the inspiring and thought provoking memes we share. But are we intentionally practicing or do we think we know? Years ago, I heard a guest speaker at an event say: to know and not to do, is not to know. This phraseContinue reading “The Travesty: To KNOW and not to DO”

What We Learn To Do We Learn By Doing

The title of my column this week is a quote by Aristotle. It’s a powerful reminder that unless we are in the sandbox, getting our hands dirty, our learning process is incomplete. “There’s an awful temptation to just keep on researching,” says David McCullough, author, historian and two time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. “ThereContinue reading “What We Learn To Do We Learn By Doing”

If You Focus on Your Process – the Result will Take Care of Itself

Bold claim I know but hear me out. If I asked you if you knew what it took to lose weight, you’d probably respond with an answer along the lines of – “eat less, move more.” If I asked you about how to get out of debt, you’d probably tell me that “you need toContinue reading “If You Focus on Your Process – the Result will Take Care of Itself”

Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.

Get a degree, work hard, and success will automatically follow. This is the success map that we are all given. Has anyone noticed that it’s broken? Business Strategist, popular speaker and ultra-runner Dan Waldschmidt refuses to accept business as usual. He says that this success map represents a model that is a false promise andContinue reading “Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.”

The Wonders of Planning and Preparation and How it Affects Performance

Starting with your own. We’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day – a day many businesses look forward to as they offer gift ideas and services suitable for Mom. Marketing gurus usually advise that business owners need to look at any upcoming year in advance and PLAN in particular for celebrated days such as Mother’s Day andContinue reading “The Wonders of Planning and Preparation and How it Affects Performance”

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

Ever heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Go read Revelation 6. According to Emmet Fox, New Thought Spiritual Leader, the Four Horsemen stand for the four parts or elements of human nature. The Pale Horse is the physical body, the Red Horse is emotional nature, the Black Horse is intellect and the WhiteContinue reading “Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life”