Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!

Regardless of how old you are – you can make a difference. Every single day you are given an opportunity to do so. How are you using that privilege? Or do you hold the belief that it’s impossible for you to make a difference because you are too young or old? Your being too oldContinue reading “Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!”

What is the Value of a Second Effort?

I have always tried to follow my intuition. Today is difficult because I’m being asked to put myself ‘out there’ – to expose myself to John and Jane public. In a recent interview – Natalie Cole talks about her life and why God puts her in certain situations that are incomprehensible to her. Like theContinue reading “What is the Value of a Second Effort?”

Why is EXCELLENT customer service so elusive?

I honestly don’t think people realize it WHEN they’re doing it but it’s a shame with all the knowledge about excellent service = excellent profits that the service experience ratio seems to be one great experience to every one hundred bad. Just to make sure that I was using the correct word I checked theContinue reading “Why is EXCELLENT customer service so elusive?”

MRS BIG STUFF…Who do you think you are?

Sixteen days now into the New Year – how are things shaping up for you so far? Do you think it’s too early in the year to consider this question? If you already feel despondent and hopeless about your future – listen up! What do you think is going to make you live your bestContinue reading “MRS BIG STUFF…Who do you think you are?”

Cheesy First Firsts…

First of the First month. First Firsts. Thoughts about how this year is going to unfold. Walter Anderson says “I am responsibile. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude towards the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond toContinue reading “Cheesy First Firsts…”