So You Want to Start a Business…

Freedom is the one word that motivates many to at least day dream about starting their own business. Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to Gallup’s recent 142-country study on the State of the Global Workplace. In other words, about one in eight workers – roughly 180 million employees in theContinue reading “So You Want to Start a Business…”

Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?

We’ve heard the acronym before that T-E-A-M means “Together Everyone Achieves More.” The most important word there would be TOGETHER. Team is a word that gets tagged onto other words like work and mate to communicate togetherness, the spirit of the team is described as if describing the spirit of the whole – yet howContinue reading “Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?”

Change is difficult – step or otherwise

There’s something to be said about persistence. There’s something to be said about having a good support system in place particularly when you embark on an unfamiliar journey. Kinda reminds me of the song “How Do You Keep The Music Playing” made popular by James Ingram and Patti Austin in the ’80s. “How do youContinue reading “Change is difficult – step or otherwise”