Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough

There comes a time in ones life when you have to start telling yourself the truth. All the things you keep SAYING you REALLY WANT – do you REALLY WANT them or have they become like lines in a familiar song that you repeat over and over because you’ve grown accustomed to hearing it enoughContinue reading “Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough”

Results or Reasons – Which do you have more of?

Every day I read something that would make me stretch – want to be a better me. This morning this paragraph stood out for me from John Mason’s book *You were Born an Original (Don’t Die a Copy)* If you are NOT getting the results you want, the REASONS are the lies you keep tellingContinue reading “Results or Reasons – Which do you have more of?”

No Integrity – No Prosperity

In today’s material driven world, we’ve grown to think that a little lying, a little shading of the truth is okay. It’s acceptable. So sales people are trained to not tell the whole truth but lie just enough to close the deal. To not be totally upfront with customers about the REAL shipment date andContinue reading “No Integrity – No Prosperity”

Naked Honesty

a.k.a the BARE truth Just started reading The Culture Game by Dan Mezic. Rob Richman gives an intro. Loved how he explained what happens when we are more committed to staying as we are versus making THE CHANGE: “My favorite book on personal organization is Getting Things Done by David Allen. And let me tellContinue reading “Naked Honesty”

How to Rebuild Trust in our Nation, in our Businesses and in Ourselves

As published on page 12 of the Business Newsday April 19th 2012 Our survival is linked to trust. Trust is inherent in our biology. As a species we are most dependent for the longest time, entrusting ourselves to the care and protection of our parents. Our life experiences shape us as we grow and bitContinue reading “How to Rebuild Trust in our Nation, in our Businesses and in Ourselves”