Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Every day we need to recommit to our goals and dreams…to the contracts we’ve made with ourselves…our intentions….what we choose to continue, alter, begin or stop! At the seat of it all is what we are thinking…while we are doing. The story we are telling is far more important than any action we take. WhenContinue reading “Recommit to your Goals…Daily!”

Small Business Success Requires an Open Mind and the Ability to Think

Thinking seems to be a lost art. Today you can get an answer to virtually any question by typing in our question into a search engine. Compare that to the age BEFORE Google where children had to use their imagination all through playtime and draw on both sides of their brains to solve problems. PlaytimeContinue reading “Small Business Success Requires an Open Mind and the Ability to Think”

When You Feel As if There’s Nothing Left…There’s More

I’m beginning to understand what I have heard countless wise individuals share in articles and talks…that you should never wait on inspiration or motivation…that you should just begin. I wrote a couple days ago about the ten minute hack which you can read here but he was talking about at the start of the day, whenContinue reading “When You Feel As if There’s Nothing Left…There’s More”

Be Fascinated By The Differences Not Troubled

Takes all types to make up the world. So I’ve been told by my mom, my grandmother, friends, and teachers. We all understand this on some level but because we are generally insular – ignorant of or sometimes uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside of our own experiences and world view, we tend not toContinue reading “Be Fascinated By The Differences Not Troubled”

Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?

A reader of my weekly Business Newsday Column recently emailed and asked: Is there a proven system that exists in discovering the “why” in one’s life. It seems to me that in reality there are many “whys” depending on the stage one has reached in their life and circumstances surrounding it. I made several attemptsContinue reading “Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?”

What’s NOT Taught in Schools Can Hurt Us

Whenever I start writing an article I usually do a bit of Googling just to see who’s writing what and what other people’s thoughts are around the subject that I am examining. At the back of my mind, as I was about to enter the search words I was thinking about my own experience atContinue reading “What’s NOT Taught in Schools Can Hurt Us”

The only way to ‘Be Yourself’ is to own yourself

And the only way to ‘own’ yourself is to learn about yourself and constantly reprogramme until you get the results you want. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of blaming circumstances as to why you don’t have more. We ‘want want want’ all the time but are we choosing to do anything differently?Continue reading “The only way to ‘Be Yourself’ is to own yourself”

Real value lies in interpretation and application

A Parable I borrowed from Emmet Fox to explain my point 🙂 “A remote island was inhabited by highly intelligent savages. They had some primitive art and made excellent drawings of animals on the walls of caves. A box was washed ashore containing a number of books, dry and in good condition. The natives wereContinue reading “Real value lies in interpretation and application”