By Our Choices We Reveal Our Commitments

If what you are currently doing isn’t working for you, you have other choices. Responsibility is the recognition of choice, and by your choices you reveal your commitments – Marlene Chism Today’s post was inspired by my friend and colleague Marlene Chism, author of ‘Stop Workplace Drama’. I posted the quote above as a FacebookContinue reading “By Our Choices We Reveal Our Commitments”

Extending Grace to Others

I have a hard time being patient with others. I guess you could say I was born with seeing the potential in others so for me it’s very difficult when I see people limiting themselves. This doesn’t mean that I have no weaknesses or present continuous challenges. I am far from fulfilling my own potential.Continue reading “Extending Grace to Others”

My Death Anxiety and What You Can Learn from It

I am afraid of death. There…I said it! Being honest about it doesn’t make the fear go away though… From as far back as I can remember – I have been consumed by dying. It’s not always in the forefront of my mind – but it’s there…lounging on a comfortable chair…reminding me …”I’m here.” ThereContinue reading “My Death Anxiety and What You Can Learn from It”

The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life

In an article titled *Understanding Yourself* author Ching Ning Chu described Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, as starting her career not as a designer but as a well-to-do society lady. She always dressed in the manner she liked, regardless of current trends. Her unique style, particularly her bobbed hair and raised hemline, wentContinue reading “The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life”

What do you do if your Leaders are Crooked?

When I was in the print industry there were some advertising agencies that I could never get work from. Rumors were that the purchasers were taking bribes and the company I worked for was not prepared to do business that way. I never had any proof of same but occasionally such a person would vacateContinue reading “What do you do if your Leaders are Crooked?”

Can You See the Whole Sky?

We think too small – like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view. – Mao Tse-Tung Stretch. Stimulate your mind. Associate with people who have new ideas – new approaches.Continue reading “Can You See the Whole Sky?”

Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…

I was reading a blog post recently by Jennifer Boykin called Broken Open to Greatness: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph, which got me thinking about business loss. “Last March,” she said, “my daughter Grace should have been twenty. She should have been a sophomore in college. She should have come home for the weekend. There shouldContinue reading “Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…”

Why Do Change Initiatives Flop Far More Often Than They Fly?

Published in the Business Newsday May 24th 2012 As the business owner or leader of your team what is your most important job and focus? I want you to think about this question carefully because in it is the answer as to why the changes you want to see aren’t sticking. Sure any change thatContinue reading “Why Do Change Initiatives Flop Far More Often Than They Fly?”

A Change in Business Starts with a Change of Heart – YOURS!

Published in the Business Newsday Thursday May 17th 2012 “You see what I have to deal with?” one business owner said to me recently, frustrated with an employee who was struggling with what he figured was a simple arithmetic problem. I empathised, shook my head and returned to the crux of our discussion. Lately IContinue reading “A Change in Business Starts with a Change of Heart – YOURS!”