Want change? Get support!

You’ve made the decision that you not only should change – you MUST! You know it’s in your best interest to make the adjustment or in some cases a complete transformation. Logically – it all makes sense and so you set out on your change journey only to find yourself back at square one justContinue reading “Want change? Get support!”

Let’s all Dare to be Awesome!

I came across Niels today because he started to follow me on Twitter and I wanted to see who he was and what he was about. I am so glad I took the time to visit his blog! Having just delivered a presentation at YWEEP’S Symposium called “Harnessing the Power of Possibility to Transform yourContinue reading “Let’s all Dare to be Awesome!”

Make your ‘Mess’ your Marketing Message

Born in the mid sixties I grew up hearing about soul “The brother’s got soul!” “Be careful not to sell your soul” “Have you saved your soul?” and in the early seventies we welcomed the ‘Soul Train’. When we say people have “soul” I guess we think that somehow their lives have a deeper meaning.Continue reading “Make your ‘Mess’ your Marketing Message”

Don’t get in your own way

I am always amazed how things flow when I am not getting in my own way. Reminds me of God’s response after Job’s rant questioning Job about  his capabilities and who was really behind all creation. The truth is none of us can create the seasons, snow, thunder, lightning, day, night, light… What is interestingContinue reading “Don’t get in your own way”