Carrying a Joke too Far?

There is a thin line between "getting kicks" and reality. While the ability to laugh at ourselves is a good thing, I feel that we have taken this joke a little too far. Some may argue that it's true. The question is: Do we want it to REMAIN true for us? If we are thinking … Continue reading Carrying a Joke too Far?

With Immediate Effect: Please Separate the Words Customer and Service

Because one has NOTHING to do with the other! Dear ‪#‎bmobile‬ and any other service provider listening in: Customer service has little to do with what you SAY and more to do with what you deliver. Right now with regard to your call centre you are probably happy that you: 1. are providing a toll … Continue reading With Immediate Effect: Please Separate the Words Customer and Service

There Are No Guarantees

I spend quite a bit of time in my head - trying to figure things out. I love structure. I want the comfort of knowing that once I follow the RIGHT steps or the PRESCRIBED steps of those who went before that I would arrive safely at my intended destination, sans surprises! Needless to say … Continue reading There Are No Guarantees

Effficiency versus impact

During this morning's quiet time, I was reviewing my business marketing efforts and contemplating whether I in fact was clear about my vision and what I wanted to be 'known' for. My mind drifted (as minds are fond of doing 🙂 ) and I got to thinking about solo practitioners, and our quest for efficiency. … Continue reading Effficiency versus impact

What’s your “signature dish”?

When I was attending Bishop Anstey High School back in the seventies 😉 there was an ice cream shop about two blocks away called Carvalhoes Ice Cream Shoppe. Of course you could get the one or two scoop ice cream option but I would save any money I got in order to buy one of … Continue reading What’s your “signature dish”?

Why you need to avoid the real world

Today, anyone can be in business. Tools and technology make what was impossible in years gone by, possible and cost effective. One person can now do the job of three, with a virtual office, operating any where in the world working between ten and forty hours per week. You no longer have to deplete your … Continue reading Why you need to avoid the real world