Where will 2022 find you?

Like it or not, you are EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. Maybe you are unhappy. Perhaps you are in a job you’re thankful for, but silently hate. You might be out of a job now given COVID-19 and its effect on work generally. You might be working but your hours have been severely slashed.Continue reading “Where will 2022 find you?”

our desire for control

We want to have everything the way we want it yet we don’t realize that this is the source of our anxiety. Before COVID-19 we felt that we had more control, because we had more choices. We could go out freely to the malls, go out to dinner, take our kids to the park, getContinue reading “our desire for control”

In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?

This pandemic experience has been VERY depressing for many service business owners and entrepreneurs. Many businesses have had to shut down completely and some have reopened only to have their doors closed once again. Uncertainty is rampant. Most people who run their own businesses love to have control yet as we have all experienced, theseContinue reading “In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?”

What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball?

This post is really one about how you deal with uncertainty in your life and business. Life is exceedingly uncertain but for our own sanity, I think we fool ourselves into thinking that we have control over what happens in our lives. When we plan we are optimistic that the plan will unfold without a hitchContinue reading “What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball?”

We All Have a Piece of Good News Inside Us

For her 13th birthday on the 12 of June 1942, Anne Frank received a book she had shown her father in a shop window a few days earlier. Although it was an autograph book, bound with red-and-white checkered cloth and with a small lock on the front, Frank decided she would use it as aContinue reading “We All Have a Piece of Good News Inside Us”

The Only Truly Reliable Source of Stability and Security in Business and Life

We place our faith in other people and the advice they provide. We put our all into companies that promise us employment and a salary at the end of the month. We invest in “sure-win” businesses that promise unheard of returns after just one year. We want to count on something, believe in someone becauseContinue reading “The Only Truly Reliable Source of Stability and Security in Business and Life”

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Job to Become the CEO of Your Destiny

  “Sometimes it just takes the right attitude and the confidence to know that the old way isn’t necessarily the right way – and the belief that better days are ahead.” This quote by Maynard Webb, bestselling author of the book *Rebooting Work* is truly inspiring. His book focuses on how work models developed aContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Leave Your Job to Become the CEO of Your Destiny”

Take Risks Sensibly…In Measured Steps

Are you a risk taker? Based on a little “test” by National Geographic on line which included a mix of questions such as: would I do drugs other than marijuana and alcohol, punch someone in the face, miss  work, or water ski, to name a few – I’m pretty timid. “You wear comfortable shoes, andContinue reading “Take Risks Sensibly…In Measured Steps”

Business Survival is no Longer for the Fittest but the Wisest!

As published on page 13 in today’s Business Newsday, Trinidad and Tobago April 5th 2012 and online here http://www.newsday.co.tt/businessday/0,158061.html “I really admire how you read so much Giselle. How I wish I had that kind of time available – I would do just as you are and probably read just as much,” said a departmentContinue reading “Business Survival is no Longer for the Fittest but the Wisest!”

Happy Employees = Profitable Business

The business climate is still a shaky one. Uncertainty reigns supreme. Because of the State of Emergency, many businesses have no choice but to lay off staff because the volume of business just isn’t there to warrant retaining as many employees to serve during the limited operating hours and dwindling customer base. This decision hasContinue reading “Happy Employees = Profitable Business”