Tolerance despite differences

We all wish that everyone could think like us. After all our point of view is sound. We know what we are talking about and…well…we are right. There is so much intolerance these days. As I read comments on posts I am amazed how rude and disrespectful some people are as they defend their rightsContinue reading “Tolerance despite differences”

Would Anyone Miss You If You Suddenly Disappeared?

When the film-maker Carol Morley read that the skeleton of a young woman had been found in a London bedsit, she knew she had to find out more… My first contact with this story was a Facebook post “Do you know this woman? Her name is Joyce Carol Vincent. This is a British born womanContinue reading “Would Anyone Miss You If You Suddenly Disappeared?”

A Change in Business Starts with a Change of Heart – YOURS!

Published in the Business Newsday Thursday May 17th 2012 “You see what I have to deal with?” one business owner said to me recently, frustrated with an employee who was struggling with what he figured was a simple arithmetic problem. I empathised, shook my head and returned to the crux of our discussion. Lately IContinue reading “A Change in Business Starts with a Change of Heart – YOURS!”

The Greatest Asset in Your Business? – YOU!

In financial accounting, assets are economic resources. Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and that is held to have positive economic value is considered an asset. Tangible assets are physical, material and financial resources, such as: plant machinery office equipment and Intangible assets are valuable resourcesContinue reading “The Greatest Asset in Your Business? – YOU!”

Who is she and what is she to you?

I was thinking about this in the context of the person I am today and whether or not I was being REAL – being ME? Or was it that I was an assortment of habits, perceptions and things that over the years I learned to accept as my truth when in fact I just borrowedContinue reading “Who is she and what is she to you?”

Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?

Why does building business momentum seem so elusive? Do you feel at times as if you are wading through a vat of molasses or as in young people speak – “yuh sticking?” Many business owners could well attest to peaks and troughs in their business but I am describing not even feast or famine butContinue reading “Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?”