Do You Have a Daily Ritual/Practice?

It’s a real question 🙂 I am not trying to sell you on adopting one that I’ve adopted that works. I am curious…that’s all. Let me know in the comments below. I’ve found that without some kind of ritual, I get easily lost in distraction…slipping down Facebook rabbit holes, getting roped into a story that’sContinue reading “Do You Have a Daily Ritual/Practice?”

Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck

Idea stealing is a discussion I often have with independent service professionals and business owners afraid to participate in group type learning environments or entrepreneurs who feel certain that they’re in possession of the next big whatever. The independent service professional or business owner – “Why would I come to a session like the oneContinue reading “Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck”

Are You Too Impatient to Build a Great Business?

Every week I wrestle with what to write. What should I share? Sometimes an idea might pop into my head and then I think “is it enough to write more than 900 words about this?” At times I am certain about what I want to say – most times I’m not. In the end IContinue reading “Are You Too Impatient to Build a Great Business?”

How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?

This is not an article about the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago although music will be mentioned a number of times. It’s not about the song by James Ingram either but I will make reference to the lyrics. It is, though, about you and me, our talents, our strengths, the promotion of the twoContinue reading “How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?”

Get off the Fence if you want your Business to Grow!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were just told what you should do to grow your business, make more profit, and get out of the red into the blackness of wealth? But it’s never that easy, although we spend an inordinate amount of energy in search of the guru who would save us time andContinue reading “Get off the Fence if you want your Business to Grow!”

Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?

As published in my weekly column in today’s Business Newsday Money, as the basis of any discussion brings up queasiness. MONEY – It can be uncomfortable, unnerving and downright sticky for some! But if you’re in business you are going to have to get comfortable with money. You have to tell people what things cost,Continue reading “Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?”

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

The world of entrepreneurship is filled with thoughts of being able to afford the life of your dreams, getting paid well and having freedom that you just would never get from a regular job. It is exciting and prestigious all at once. Nowadays there is much talk about becoming an expert or turning what youContinue reading “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur”