Follow the Colour of the Door that Speaks to Your Heart…

…because what lies on the other side is worth it – Scott Ginsberg I think of all the talented people I know…their art fills the spaces of the Universe with love, colour, compassion and joy. Every day they are adding something to the canvas called life, with music and passion; voicing their ideas…writing poems…commenting…being…exposing themselvesContinue reading “Follow the Colour of the Door that Speaks to Your Heart…”

You Don’t Need to be Fixed – Nothing is Wrong With You

Do you ever feel insecure? What about unworthy? And rejected? Are you easily hurt if your’e not included in a conversation…left out of a project…didn’t get an invite to the party? Most of us think, ‘I’m pretty worthy of love and belonging — but I’d be super worthy of love and belonging if I could loseContinue reading “You Don’t Need to be Fixed – Nothing is Wrong With You”

A Castle of Memories

build me a castle of memories just to have somewhere to go… What a beautiful line. (Someone with an online handle sardonicynic posted this on the site – a site offering a noncommercial and nonprofit central hosting place for fanfiction – fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, film, etc.)Continue reading “A Castle of Memories”

Are You Who You Appear to Be and Are You Living Your Truth?

“A woman discovers at a very young age that wearing a mask appears to be a part of survival. They discover there is much of themselves, which others see as unacceptable. They tuck those secrets away.” This introduction I got from the web site titled *The Power to Change*. On the same site, in anContinue reading “Are You Who You Appear to Be and Are You Living Your Truth?”

I’ll Be Happy When or If…..

Our happiness always seems to be conditional on something happening FIRST, before we can be happy. Usually that “something” is outside of us. It might be a promotion at work. It might be acquiring a new outfit. It might be getting a face-lift. It might be changing our geographic location. I agree that something doesContinue reading “I’ll Be Happy When or If…..”

The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story

We LOVE a good story. Storytelling gets our attention. We are programmed if we only get the beginning and the middle to desperately want to know the end. That’s why soap operas and popular television series leave us after each episode with an incomplete storyline that will force us to tune in next time andContinue reading “The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story”