Beautiful Strategy…But Are You Getting the Results You Want?

Winston Churchill said “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Regardless of the strategy, you are getting results. The thing is – are these “the results” that you set out to get, are they better, or are they worse? There’s a story that Warren Buffett famed investor shared in his mentorContinue reading “Beautiful Strategy…But Are You Getting the Results You Want?”

There will never be a better you than you

Whenever I talk to a group, and ask this question “You do believe that everyone is born a genius right?” – regardless of age, they all answer “YES!” Yet despite this group consensus, when I look into their eyes they know that they are not playing full out. They know that they are not livingContinue reading “There will never be a better you than you”

Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners

For decades, authors have studied the characteristics of great leaders in every field. While volumes have been written on the common strengths of front-runners worldwide, most of the emphasis has been placed on the same dozen or so attributes that authors feel readers want to hear about. One distinguishing quality of all great leaders isContinue reading “Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners”