Follow the confidence you feel and connect to your destiny

There are certain things that we find we can grasp easily yet oftentimes, we may feel that these things come too easily to us, and we may choose to pursue something that offers a greater challenge.  Discounting your natural talents may make the journey towards your goals that much longer. Alienating yourself from what comesContinue reading “Follow the confidence you feel and connect to your destiny”

What’s Your Word?

Have you ever heard about choosing one word and living with it for a year? Well some time back in November I decided to choose joy. Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible; it springs from appreciating the gifts in each moment except I wasn’t doing that.Continue reading “What’s Your Word?”

The Power of Music

Been thinking about the power of words and the river words travel along…music. Been thinking about today…it’s a new day…a gift… Every day we must face a fork in the road: make the same mistakes over again…do what we have always done or decide that it’s time for the illusion to end. Think about it:Continue reading “The Power of Music”