do you agree that frustration is a sign you haven’t given up?

You would not be frustrated if whatever you’re doing didn’t matter to you. You are frustrated because some thing is not working in a way that you imagined it to work. Often we remain so close to an issue that we are unable to see the forest from the trees. We are so wedded toContinue reading “do you agree that frustration is a sign you haven’t given up?”

Despite Your Demons – Use Your Gifts!

None of us are without demons. I am not talking about ghosts, goblins or the minions of Satan and I am not arguing whether these are real or not. I am talking simply about the demons of our minds. In her book ‘Feeding Your Demons’, Tsultrim Allione defines demons this way: “Our demons are ourContinue reading “Despite Your Demons – Use Your Gifts!”

If you really knew me…

Popular folks have a hard time keeping their “dark” sides to themselves. Everything that happens in their lives is “news”. And today, with all the social media leveraging, and devices that make it easier to have the Internet in the palms of our hands – “news” spreads FAST! Robert Downy Jr., Whitney Houston, Tiger WoodsContinue reading “If you really knew me…”