Sprinkles Are For Winners

I love this advertisement. Every time I see it I always laugh BUT it also serves as a gentle reminder that I should not just settle for good if I could do better! The vast majority of us today rarely achieve better than mediocrity.  We would all love to be wildly successful yet 80% ofContinue reading “Sprinkles Are For Winners”

When Talent Becomes a Gift…

We don’t get to choose our natural talents but we do get to choose what we do with those talents we’ve been given. Talent by itself is not enough. We have to first identify those not so obvious talents. Next we need to work toward improving upon our talents. But beware of those natural talents…the onesContinue reading “When Talent Becomes a Gift…”

Is it Time for you to Quit?

The locker room slogan – “Winners never quit and quitters never win” was made popular by Vince Lombardi – legendary football figure best known as the Head Coach for the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s. Lombardi believed that a team mentally prepared could not be beaten. Winning was a habit and so was losing.Continue reading “Is it Time for you to Quit?”

Surrender or Remain Stuck. Surrender and Win!

I recently saw a clip on CNN showing a room full of people discussing their life situations. I am not sure why I stayed with the story but was horrified at the end. It was about life and work in Silicon Valley. Once teeming with opportunity, men and women who thought they had it madeContinue reading “Surrender or Remain Stuck. Surrender and Win!”