WHO I AM Won’t Leave me Alone…

I’m writing under pressure…sort of… What to write? What do people want to read? Most times I have no clue. I read a lot so I generally have tons of ideas circling about in my brain. I THINK a lot about my own issues and challenges but most times I push those to the backContinue reading “WHO I AM Won’t Leave me Alone…”

Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?

A reader of my weekly Business Newsday Column recently emailed and asked: Is there a proven system that exists in discovering the “why” in one’s life. It seems to me that in reality there are many “whys” depending on the stage one has reached in their life and circumstances surrounding it. I made several attemptsContinue reading “Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?”

The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN

My cousin’s oldest daughter does not read anything except that which she must! She is 14. Knowing that I am an avid reader, on a recent trip Trinidad, my cousin asked me to have a chat with her about her dislike for reading. Now I learned long ago from Dale Carnegie – that a manContinue reading “The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN”

Get your business abuzz with a buzz piece

Any business owner, who has had more than ten minutes of conversation with me, knows that I usually suggest they create a special report or something free and dowloadable on their Web sites so customers can give their name and email in exchange for this information. Surprisingly no one has taken my advice. I haveContinue reading “Get your business abuzz with a buzz piece”

The importance of writing stuff down

Nowadays with the Internet and email, writing, as with a pen or pencil in ones hand seems so archaic, so farfetched – “write it down?” you ask incredulously? Yes start a journal…start writing stuff down. Richard Branson keeps notebooks upon notebooks of his ideas, thoughts and other observations daily. He is never without a notebook.Continue reading “The importance of writing stuff down”

Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?

Why does building business momentum seem so elusive? Do you feel at times as if you are wading through a vat of molasses or as in young people speak – “yuh sticking?” Many business owners could well attest to peaks and troughs in their business but I am describing not even feast or famine butContinue reading “Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?”