the WPP Series

We are limited

by what we cannot see in ourselves

The Well-Paid Professional [WPP]Series: Stories of professionals who are making it doing what they love. It is a written interview series where I dig into how people are creating success on their terms

This week’s feature is Dr. Brendan Bartholomew. Once you subscribe you will get a thought provoking essay exploring why success stories may be doing us more harm than good and why despite all the progress being made, we still suffer from impostor syndrome and self doubt. To get Brendan’s story click here.

By sharing these stories I hope to do a couple of things:

  • Show the personal side to any journey – why we do what we do, how we discovered our giftedness, what drives us, and how we’re choosing to learn and grow, not just about the work we’re doing
  • Show how people are creating success on thir terms
  • Present a diversity of identities, showing that there is no ‘one size fits all’ journey; that there is no ‘one path’ to success
  • Highlight the frustrations and joys of others, so readers will easily recognize that they are not the only ones feeling a particular way and that they are not the only ones making mistakes, hitting walls and unable to see what might be holding them back. This can positively affect how people can more accurately calibrate their abilities relative to other professionals.

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Many career, sales and marketing problems are solved leveraging the power of story telling. Giselle Hudson shows career professionals, service professionals, sales and marketing managers, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story or their company’s story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.