unique ability

The power of uniqueness

become who you really are

Have you any clue what makes you unique?

We are all born with a code, a powerful force that is at the very core of who we are as individuals.

We all have this code, although most of us are not consciously aware of it.

Most of us spend our time in one of the following four zones:

Incompetent Activities: These represent tasks that make you feel frustrated and stressed because you are just not good at them. What incompetent activities would you be happy to get rid of? What incompetent tasks drain your confidence?

Competent Activities: These are activities you are merely adequate at conducting. There are a lot of other people who could do these tasks with greater success and less effort than you. It is competent activities that create boredom in your life.

Excellent Activities: You have superior skill in conducting these activities. People can count on you to accomplish these tasks. You may have even developed a reputation for your capability in these areas. However, deep down, you do not have a burning passion for these activities. Even with all of the external positive reinforcement, these activities do not fuel your passion.

Unique Ability Activities: These are the activities that create energy and enthusiasm. When you engage in them, you bubble over with excitement. You could do these activities all day long and keep going. They give you endless possibilities for improvement, no matter how skilled you are at them.

Which zone/zones do you often find yourself in?

Your success or failure up until now, depends upon how much time you spend in each of the zones.

It’s easy to see that you would enjoy life the most and perhaps reap the most rewards, if you were able to spend the majority of your time in your unique ability zone.

But because of this lack of awareness of your motivational code – your unique ability – many people go through life never experiencing the infinite rewards that come from being able to harness and develop their natural patterns of motivation and the powerful emotions that drive them. To learn more about the motivational code, click here.

When we’re so close to our uniqueness, it makes it difficult to appreciate those things that come so naturally to us. We tend to believe that everyone can do the same things we can. This is simply not true.

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