your verbal identity

Verbal identity

your brand in words ONLY

I’ve been called “the connector”, because of the number of people I know and have been asked about mechanics, lawyers, artists, musicians, calypsonians, plumbers, chefs, and accountants to name a few. In all instances I was able to provide names and numbers and have not had any instances where my clients and friends were disappointed with my recommendations.

My friends and clients have come to rely on me as a trusted resource.

I’ve done this informally for a long time.

Recently I decided that if I truly wanted to see small business evolve, then I needed to do something to help support you positively.

What better way than to help you position your brand to highlight your expertise and reduce your sameness factor?

REMEMBER: You’re not just providing a service. You are in the expertise business and it starts with being able to explain what you do in a compelling way and position your expertise brilliantly.

Start the process. Answer the questions as best as you can below and if you need some help getting started click this link to download the guide.

Once you click the button above, here’s what’s going to happen next

I will review what you’ve written and then provide some guidance, via email, towards building a business around your individuality and communicating your expertise in a way that renders your work less interchangeable – in other words you are not seen as similar, comparable, synonymous or comparable to anyone else.

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