Websites & Business Cards

My earliest childhood memory is of me writing and doing illustrations for a book. I can’t remember what it was about but it was done comic book style, in frames. I remember having  quite a bit of difficulty putting all I wanted my characters to say neatly inside the call out balloons. That used to frustrate me.

My first job at Caribbean Packaging took me down the route of corrugated packaging design. Then I went to Scrip-J Printers and learned even more about design, advertising and printing, print production and paper.

In 2005 I decided to do a course with the American Writers And Artists Inc. in Florida. There I was trained by the best of the best:

  • Bob Bly
  • Peter Bowerman
  • Illise Benum
  • Chris Marlow  (my writing coach) <————–scroll 3/4 way down the page to see my testimonial 🙂
  • Joan Damico

Additionally I took an AWAI Graphic Design course where I learned the rules of direct marketing design so that I could combine my writing and design services to offer my clients more value.

Previously I wrote website copy for  companies like Microsoft, Infotech, and the Environmental Management Agency.

Today I design business cards and create websites EXCLUSIVELY for independent service professionals.

If you would like to work with me on an upcoming project, call me directly on 750-7859 or email me