who do I work with?

Every day I remind myself

others matter – be helpful and serve

Are you tired of being overworked and overlooked in your job?

Are you mid career (45-55 ish) and thinking about whether your career is proceeding in the direction you imagined when you first started working and whether it is time to make a change before it is too late?

Are you a manager leading a department that has a direct impact on revenue (like sales, marketing, content creation) and struggling to measure the ROI of your efforts?

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to create a stable, long-term business that’s small enough to handle any economic climate, resilient enough to not have to lean too heavily on a single project or client, and autonomous enough to let you build a life around your work?

I can help you do 3 things really well:

Gabriel Jimenez

Dig deep…

…to discover your special excellence

I’ll show you how much easier it becomes to earn money choosing career paths, projects and situations that are aligned with your unique design.


Get clear…

Uncover and get clear about your big ideas and wealth of knowledge. I’ll show you how to turn what you know into cash flow.

Nathan Lemon

Promote authentically…

…without feeling uncomfortable or like an impostor. It is not enough to be good at what you do – you need to be good at promoting what you “Your business can only serve people who know that you exist.” Based on all that I learned about you in the first two steps, we’ll figure out how you’re most comfortable talking about what you do and choose the promotion channels best suited to WHO YOU ARE to give you the results you need.

Before I can help you, you need to determine where you might need help. I’ve made that easy for you.

Below are three checklists. Choose the description that suits you best and then download the accompanying checklist

I am a career professional

I am self-employed / I am an entrepreneur

I am a business owner / I am a sales, marketing, digital or content manager

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Many career, sales and marketing problems are solved leveraging the power of story telling. Giselle Hudson shows career professionals, service professionals, sales and marketing managers, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story or their company’s story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.