who do I work with?

Every day I remind myself

others matter – be helpful and serve

I work with career professionals, HR and organizational leaders, self-employed service professionals, and service business owners/entrepreneurs who are already good at what they do.

I help them do 3 things really well:

Gabriel Jimenez

Dig deeper…

…to discover their special excellence and show them how much easier it becomes to earn money choosing career paths, projects and situations that are aligned with their unique design.


Get clear…

Uncover and get clear about their big ideas and show them how to communicate those ideas effectively.

Nathan Lemon


It is not enough to be good at what you do. You need to be good at promoting what you do. “Your business can only serve people who KNOW you exist.”

People reach out to me when…

  • They know they’re good at what they do, yet they have difficulty communicating that to their clients effectively
  • They’ve got a sales team that’s underperforming
  • They are ready to take a big leap into something new (new job, new career, starting a business) but need more clarity before they take action
  • They know they’re good at what they do yet they are not experiencing the level of success they know they’re capable of
  • They feel stuck or uncertain about some aspect of their life or business and need help getting a clearer picture of what they need to do to move forward
  • They think they have everything they need, know that they can perform better but they seem to be “spinning top in mud” not sure how to put all the working parts together in a way that gets them consistent results sans overwhelm

Our company used Giselle as a third party vendor to develop training materials, in particular, a series of sales and leadership workbooks. The quality of Giselle’s work is exceptional! The pages were clean, easy on the eyes and the use of images to text was expertly considered to engage our learners. Giselle took the time to understand our needs, stuck with our brand guidelines and delivered a quality product.

CHRISTIANA MARCION MONTGOMERY – Senior Manager, Learning and Development, Columbus Communications, St. Lucia

9 times out of 10 it’s because of one or more of the following…

  • They don’t have a clear vision
  • They’ve got no selling system in place
  • They are not spending enough time and energy on those activities that bring in the $
  • Their revenue streams are inconsistent
  • They’ve only got one revenue stream
  • There are no performance metrics in place to grow the business
  • They’ve got a severely underperforming sales team

These are examples of the types of career, sales and marketing performance problems that I am tasked to solve. To find out where you are and what you need TODAY – REQUEST YOUR FREE PRE-ASSESSMENT

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Many career, sales and marketing problems are solved leveraging the power of story telling. Giselle Hudson shows career professionals, service professionals, sales and marketing managers, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story or their company’s story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.