Guiding Entrepreneurs on their Own Unique Path to More Impact, Income & Time

What is the number one problem facing entrepreneurs today?

As I’ve expanded my understanding of what it would take to successfully shape one’s circumstances and achieve goals I have noticed that STRUGGLE is at the core of most entrepreneurial activity.

Life is Flow and is Easiest when we Follow Our Natural Path of Least Resistance to Creating Wealth

Yet many entrepreneurs are involved in activities that simply feels like HARD WORK.

Has anyone ever encouraged you to improve in areas where you struggle?

If you’re like most people, the answer is “YES!” This is how most of the world thinks. We are constantly striving and may not realize how often we endeavour to accomplish all sorts of things with the idea that once we do, we will FINALLY have the time to do what we REALLY want.

At the Heart of WHO YOU ARE Lies the Secret to Your Greatest Success

Everyone is created with an indelible, highly personal pattern of innate giftedness and motivation called their Motivated Abilities Pattern or MAP.

When we discover our MAP and follow our natural path to wealth creation, we begin to tune in to our own rhythm and harmony. When we stay tuned in, a magic resonance begins and life transforms from being hard-to-get to easy-to-give.

No Other Entrepreneur is Exactly Like You

I work with:

Apprentice Entrepreneurs – You have too many financial and emotional commitments and responsibilities to just up and leave your current career to pursue your heart’s desire. You need a practical structure and plan in place to make sure you meet ALL of your obligations and responsibilities. You are not sure HOW to start your own business or generate a second income stream so that you can thrive and support yourself.

Start-Up Entrepreneurs – You are great at what you do but not so great at getting the word out about your talents and gifts. You have started to earn money and have had a couple big projects that were both satisfying and rewarding. However in general, you feel as if you are just surviving. You are generating personal income but not always enough to cover all  your costs.

Enterprise Entrepreneurs – You are truly at the stage of REAL self-employment. Like a professional musician, you have mastered your instrument, know exactly who you’re making the music for and earning money doing it. However you have hit a point where you can’t grow anymore, using your existing set of skills and knowledge. You now need to leverage the talents and gifts of other people and this in and of itself is challenging.

Intrapreneurs – You are a manager or leader working within an existing company who thinks innovatively and ACTS on that innovation. In order to get the job done you need to ensure that you have the right people working together to make it happen except this has proven easier said than done as unconscious biases have prevented almost everyone on your team from accurately interpreting behaviour, character and motives of people who differ from them.

Understanding your MAP and the MAPs of those you work with is the first step to accurately assessing and subsequently managing people potential.

Imagine your mind at peace, knowing that you finally have clarity and confidence about where to apply your energy and what you should focus on to grow and enjoy life.

Imagine building a team of people around you , each with their own uniqueness, doing what they do best to help you grow your business results exponentially while experiencing freedom and enjoyment.

Even if you have a pretty decent idea of what you do really well you might take it for granted. Most people downplay it, thinking “anyone can do that” but that’s simply not true.

The process of identifying your MAP and putting language around it isn’t always easy. This is partly because the things we are best at are so ingrained in us that we don’t recognize them as being unique or special and have no idea the potential impact that we can have in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

No more working on weaknesses!

Knowing your MAP and those on your team is validating and one of THE BEST WAYS to take charge of, design your life and business and end the struggle once and for all.

Take the first step – Fill in the information below to find out how I can help 

Whether you are trying to get more revenue, attract more clients or build a powerful team – your MAP is the gateway to getting you much better results!

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