Do you run a service-based business?

Do you want to create a stable, long-term business that’s small enough to handle any economic climate, resilient enough to not have to lean too heavily on a single project or client, and autonomous enough to let you build a life around your work?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

You’ve had several years of experience in a field that you’re passionate about. This could be anything from do-it-yourself home improvement, business finance, gardening, coaching, consulting, law, medicine, photography, health & wellness, graphic design, marketing or real estate.

You have discovered what makes you unique, understand what your customers are dealing or struggling with and know exactly how you can help them.

Your challenge is not knowledge or know-how…you have that.

Your challenge is that you are doing all you can do to brand and position yourself as a needed resource yet regardless of your efforts, you’re still not attracting the best clients, not earning what you’re worth and not earning consistently.

Most people aren’t willing to buy from you right away. You must nurture your prospects over time by educating and training them while gently motivating them to take action.

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Content marketing is strategic. It’s a system that includes your goals, tactics, and the metrics you’ll use to measure the strategy’s performance.

Hi I’m Giselle and I am a fabulous blend of MCode Coach™, copywriter, content marketer and authority marketing strategist.

I help service-based business owners, just like you, attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses through strategic support and done-for-you content marketing services.

As a Motivation Code™ Certified Practitioner I provide the coaching, guidance and thorough knowledge of how each service-based professional can apply their Motivation Code™ to their everyday work and life.

Your Motivation Code will allow you to learn about what triggers your engagement, how you show up at your best, and where your natural energy for life and work is going to flow.

If things haven’t been working out the way you want them to or if you’re wondering “How the hell did I get here again?!?!” – you’re not alone.

Understand this: your deepest fears are invisible, and they guide your behavior every day without you knowing it. It’s not because you’re weak; it’s because we are wired that way.

The world will keep smacking you until you figure this out. Everything gets easier when you know and begin to use your Motivation Code™.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on ALL businesses that rely on close in-person interactions which means it has taken a toll on YOU!

I believe that the way to build your business, attract more valuable leads, and convert those leads into customers especially during this pandemic, is to leverage and use content marketing, especially if you don’t have a huge team or deep pockets to spend on paid marketing or advertising.

Can content marketing work for your business?

A copywriter is a professional whose job is to write words that sell
A content writer is a professional who produces engaging content for use online. They’re Internet-savvy individuals who create articles, blog posts, and other forms of written web material.
An authority marketing strategist, helps service professionals break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position where they become THE go-to authority in their industry.