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What is the number one problem facing sales, service professionals and business owners today?

As I’ve expanded my understanding of what it would take to successfully shape one’s circumstances and achieve goals I have noticed that cash flow is the biggest challenge for almost ALL sales professionals, service professionals and business owners.

According to Forbes magazine – the 5 most frequent causes of cash flow problems are:

  1. Inconsistent meaningful contact with customers
  2. Customers are unaware of what you offer
  3. No real market differentiation
  4. Failure to communicate your value effectively
  5. A non existent or unprofitable business model

The Bottom Line: The number one problem facing sales, service professionals and business owners is that they don’t have enough cash to:

  • pay themselves
  • invest in marketing and sales
  • reinvest in their business

The reason why this problem exists is because most of us suffer from Arithmophobia or a fear of numbers. We either ignore our numbers completely or are terrified by them.

Yet understanding our numbers can help us improve our profitability and cash flow and bring us that much needed peace of mind.

It’s time to cure Arithmophobia and reverse this once and for all!

Attend the next workshop presentation: The 5 Big Myths Preventing you from Being Well-Paid

Where: Dianne Tea Shop 119 Long Circular Road, Maraval

Cost: $397.00

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Pay yourself enough to compensate for the time, energy and money you’ve invested in your business?
  • Invest comfortably in marketing and sales?
  • Reinvest in your business in order to get it to the size and value you need to have to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve?



Whether you are trying to get more revenue, attract more clients or create better customer experiences – imagine for just one minute, that the only thing holding you back from maximizing your full potential is simply these myths that are killing your business and how you view and manage your numbers. Register NOW!

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