Are You Out of Alignment?

Many business owners, sales managers and independent service professionals who struggle with the results they get from their marketing efforts think it is because they are using the wrong strategy. They keep trying new approaches, spending money and hoping for better results.

This is a drain on your time, resources AND money. 

Typically the problem has to do with alignment and not strategy.

When you are out of alignment, your marketing strategy will ALWAYS be off target!

Here are some telltale signs that you and your company are out of alignment:

  • Your customers are more concerned with the price of your products or services than the value
  • Your customers are not loyal. They will switch for a better offer or a lower price
  • Your closing ratio is very low in converting a prospect into a customer
  • Your marketing efforts produce poor results
  • You are working harder and making less money to keep your existing customers

Can you relate to any of these signs?

Before you invest any more money in your marketing you need to determine where you are out of alignment.

Are you ready?

Click here to join others just like you and get your Personal Alignment Evaluation. You will also get the Purple Marketing weekly digest which will allow you to explore ways that YOU can have an impact everyday with strategies, resource recommendations and action steps to spur you to take back your power and leverage it in your business, work and life – unashamed and unapologetic!

Your Personal Alignment Evaluation is simple and doesn’t take long.

Being out of alignment is like trying to fill a bucket with water that has holes in the bottom. The journey towards becoming a Well-Paid Professional  starts with identifying and plugging up the holes in your bucket.

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