Marketing doesn’t have to be hard if you never completely outsource it. Get the guidance, ideas, framework and tools to drive profitable results.

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The #1 reason why creatives, solopreneurs and small business owners fail…

It’s not because you lack the drive, ambition or creativity

It’s because you keep:

  • prioritizing everything else OVER marketing
  • outsourcing marketing even though you have a deeper understanding of your customers and can mine expertise from within yourself, and from your team.
  • giving up on whatever processes you do put in place, way too early before you begin to see the light – that is – until you start seeing results.

These are the 3 top reasons that mess up “getting the money”.

You are probably working very hard but not sticking to a clear strategy and plan of your own making, so it always feels like it’s not enough.

You keep doing what seems logical, because when you look at everyone else they are doing the same thing. You rationalize that if “they” are doing it then you should be doing it too, but this is a recipe for disaster.

You chase after clients with ill-planned tactics and are constantly fighting with competitors over price. As a result – cash flow is usually unstable.

Are you ready to quit thinking of your marketing as trivial or not important? Dan S. Kennedy says there are two things you should never completely outsource: the checkbook and the marketing.

…to discover why your path to profitability doesn’t have to be hard if you stop relinquishing control of your most important source of growth and profitability!

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What My Clients are Saying

Regardless of where you are, you must start with strategy. It’s a process that includes your goals, tactics, and the stories you will use to be understood, get your message across, and sell your brand without being pushy.


“I had the unique opportunity to consult with Giselle and must testify that she certainly has a gifted mind and a passion for what she does. She helps you look at the bigger picture; helps to clarify your goals and provide direction when things are a bit fuzzy and unclear. When you sit with her and engage in conversation…you’ll see what I mean!”


“Giselle demonstrated an exceptional ability to translate concepts into story lines that touched the target audience where it mattered most. She is able to formulate the complete marketing packaging for both the service being provided and the person. I strongly recommend Giselle to entrepreneurs who want to go beyond the traditional, to make possibilities profitable realities.”


“Giselle has become an invaluable member of the OMNI team. When we first started our practice we worked with a couple of service providers who were good at execution except they didn’t really “get us”. As a result there was always that disconnect. Giselle “gets us” and was able to roll out a solid strategy, putting into words what we do, in a way that we couldn’t possible do on our own.”

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Get the guidance, ideas, framework and tools to drive profitable results.

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