How to Thrive in Any Economy

Short answer…”Never stop marketing!”

Never adopt a position of “let’s wait and see…”

At the moment we are facing the effects of the Covid-19 virus which took us by surprise.

Please make a vow right now, to never again get caught off guard!

Here’s how you’re going to do that:

  1. Recalibrate – revise your business plan. If you continue to run your business on your old model you will get killed
  2. Become mentally agile – rapidly accept that you have no control over what’s happening right now
  3. Figure out how to win
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If you’re ready to attract more clients, create more income, make a bigger impact and have more freedom…You’re in the right place!

After working with professional service based business owners and entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches and consultants who are trying to achieve a regular steady income while making more time for themselves, I’ve noticed one of their biggest road-blocks is getting someone else’s system to work for them.  

IMG-20200306-WA0006There are systems and approaches that work for some and there are systems and approaches that don’t work for some.

Hi, I’m Giselle, and it was a huge road block for me too. I spent thousands of dollars, buying other people’s systems, ‘modeling’ others, looking at successful people and trying to do what they did well.

I don’t think anyone was trying to mislead me, it’s just that no one knew what would work for me.

I spent years thinking that these successful people could “deliver me” to the Promised Land. I could have saved a lot of time had I just sat down and got to work figuring it out for myself.

If you know you are capable of playing a bigger game but not sure where to start then this might be for you.

If you have years of experience, knowing what works, and what doesn’t in your industry or market; if you can uncover problems that others don’t even realize exists and are not only able to identify these problems, but you know how to help people solve them then The Well-Paid Professional™ Business by Design Program might be just what you need.

Imagine being able to articulate and package your expertise in such a way that you get more income, more freedom and  create more impact?

The work we will do together will change how you see yourself, your business and how you design and build it for profit growing forward.

In life you learn principles that we can apply to an infinite number of situations.

  1. ALL of the principles work…SOME of the time in SOME situations.
  2. NONE of the principles work…ALL of the time in ALL situations.
Together we are going to figure out what works for you!
Image source: The Thinking Canvas

If you’re honest, you would probably tell me that it has been always difficult for you to explain what you do.

You know so much yet you remain the world’s best kept secret. You have difficulty communicating what you know about yourself because it’s difficult to see who you really are from the inside.

There is indeed hidden treasure waiting to be found and I’m happy to help you find it.

We start with educated assumptions. The rest is work. There is no preset curriculum because you are unique. The magic happens when you share, I listen and then design a system, you work it, we study and improve it and you continue to test it until it becomes YOUR system – the approach that works best FOR YOU!

Here’s the first step – provide your name and email below and I’ll send you all the details.



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