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What is the number one problem facing sales, service professionals and business owners today?

As I’ve expanded my understanding of what it would take to successfully shape one’s circumstances and achieve goals I have noticed that EARNING MONEY is the biggest challenge for almost ALL Service business owners, Consultants and Solo Professionals

According to Forbes magazine – the 5 most frequent causes of money problems are:

  1. Inconsistent meaningful contact with customers
  2. Customers are unaware of what you offer
  3. No real market differentiation
  4. Failure to communicate your value effectively
  5. A non existent or unprofitable business model

The Bottom Line: The number one problem facing Service business owners, Consultants and Solo Professionals is that they tell a very boring story about what they do and how they do it. Customers cannot connect.

The reason why this problem exists is it’s very difficult for professionals to talk about themselves…to toot their own horn.

So what you end up with is all professionals sounding alike, using the same buzz words. No wonder your right-fit customers can’t find you.

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